The Story Behind the Big Flat Jamboree

Will Hoxie began this project. It was his dream; he gave it the name “Big Flat Jamboree.” Will was a professional river guide in Big Flat, and a professional support kayaker. He traveled across the United States and Chile in search of rivers to kayak.  He always returned to the Trinity River, his home. 

Will attended the Outdoor Recreational Leadership Program at Feather River College from 2017 – 2019. He also worked for the Plumas Resource Conservation District.

The summer he graduated from high school; he was employed as a firefighter working for USFS in Trinity Center on the Shasta Trinity National Forest. When the Monument Fire started, Will ferried fire fighters across the river and then arrived in Big Flat to warn the river companies and residents of the approaching fire. When the fire advanced on Big Flat, Will stayed behind to fight it with a handful of others. They were able to protect much of the town.

Will was passionate, adventurous, funny, a talented musician and songwriter. He was well loved. Will died in a kayaking accident on June 14, 2023 on the Kern River in Southern California. He was 25 years old. We; his friends, family and colleagues wish to carry his legacy forward by continuing his dream of the Big Flat Jamboree. This will be an event that will feature boating competitions on the Pigeon Point Run in Trinity County near the local boating hub, Big Flat.

The Pigeon Point section is a fun class 2/3 section of the river that is 5.5 miles long. It is commercially run by several companies. The races will be roughly a mile long from Double Eagle rapid through Hell Hole.

We hope to use this event as a fundraiser for The Outdoor Recreational Leadership Scholarship through the Feather River College Foundation in Will’s name, and other organizations in the future.

We anticipate the first year to be small and hope it will grow in popularity in future years. This festival will always be run by volunteers.

If you have any questions, you can contact me (Will’s Mom), Sara Hoxie (530-524-7477) or Miriam Wert (530-710-4342)